Competition Submissions

How to create new submissions to competitions

Step 1

This step is really important!

Remove any queues you have in the competition you are trying to make a new submission for. You can do this by clicking Edit on a competition page, scrolling down to the worker queues field and resetting this field to its default state. Finally, click save.

Step 2

Ensure the proper permissions are set

cd codalab-competitions

mkdir var

sudo chown youruser:youruser -R var

mkdir /tmp/codalab

sudo hown youruser:youruser -R /tmp/codalab

sudo chmod 777 /tmp/codalab

Step 3

Create and start worker_compute

docker-compose create worker_compute

docker-compose start worker_compute


IOError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: ‘/var/log/compute_worker.log’

If you get an error similar to this, try running the code below.

docker-compose rm worker_compute

docker-compose build worker_compute

Ensure that you have SSL set up. Please see [the SSL section of this guide](/en/latest/1.%20Setup%20Guide%20-%20Docker/) for details.